Time for the nitty gritty

We suggest that you book an appointment with one of your local IKEA kitchen planners. The staff are very knowledgeable and will help you to create a kitchen layout that will work for you. You can book an appointment here.

Alternatively if you already have a good idea of how you would like your kitchen to look you can use IKEA’s 3D Kitchen Planner. You can find it here.

Yes, once you’re happy with the design of your kitchen you should place your order through IKEA either online or in store. Don’t forget to remove the doors, drawer fronts, cover panels and plinths from your order!

Tip: If you have used the 3D Kitchen Planner, you can create an Item List based on your design. We suggest that you use the list of doors, drawer fronts, cover panels and plinths to make out your Husk order. These can then be removed from your basket before ordering.

We don’t supply hinges or drawer slides. Depending on what inserts you specify in your kitchen IKEA will suggest the most suitable hinges. All of our fronts are designed to work with the hinges and slides provided by IKEA.

The fronts we produce here at Husk are made to work with the IKEA METOD range. We are however able to make fronts for other types of cabinets. Please contact us at enquire@madebyhusk.com to discuss your requirements.

If you already have an IKEA kitchen and want to check whether it is METOD or FAKTUM you can tell by looking inside the cabinets. METOD cabinets will have two rows of drilled holes, whereas FAKTUM cabinets will only have one row.

Absolutely! We are able to make bespoke fronts for any kitchen cabinets. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

As our fronts are designed to work with the METOD system, you can follow the instructions that are provided with your IKEA products. If you’re having trouble please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to offer further advice.

The fronts are not pre-drilled. By drilling the holes yourself you have the flexibility to use any handles you like, and mount them where you think looks best. When you come to drill your handle holes we suggest that you place a piece of scrap wood behind the front as you drill, this will minimise tear out.

You will need to buy the METOD legs which attach to the bottom of the cabinets. The legs are provided with clips that snap onto the legs. These clips should be screwed onto the back of your plinth, which you can then push onto the legs. If you need to create a corner in your plinth we suggest that the best option is to create a mitre joint.

Start by aligning the cover panel with the METOD cabinet. We suggest that you leave the cover panel overhanging the cabinet so that it lines up with your new Husk doors. Use clamps to hold the cover panel in position (making sure you protect your side panel).


If you need to cut the panel you can mark it now and remove it before cutting to size. We suggest that you mark and cut from the top of the cover panel, this way the cut edge will be concealed by your worktop.


With your cover panel the correct size you can align it to your cabinet, and clamp in position once again. Next we suggest you use a drill to bore a small pilot hole through the carcass side and into the cover panel – make sure you don’t go all the way through the cover panel! Finally use pan head screws to secure the cover panel.

Our doors are 20mm thick. They are a little thicker than the IKEA doors so make sure that you allow for this when ordering your worktop. We make them this thick to make sure they stay flat and look good for years to come.

Just like our doors, the cover panels are 20mm thick. This not only helps to make sure that they stay flat, but also gives enough depth to screw them to the cabinet.

We can only guarantee that our fronts will work with the IKEA range of integrated appliances. However as most integrated appliances are based on standard cabinet sizes our fronts should work. Please refer to the appliance manufacturer’s installation guidelines.

We use Fenix laminate on the surfaces of all of our fronts, you can download the care instructions for this here. Fenix is a smart material and has thermal healing properties, this means that small scratches can be healed by slightly heating the surface. This should be carried out by rubbing the affected area with a magic sponge, there is one included in the Care & Maintenance Kit which you can purchase directly though Husk.

We can arrange for a full set of Fenix samples to be delivered to you. We also offer a sample of the Fenix pressed onto a birch ply core, which will have one edge finished in oak. Please contact us to order samples.

We do not offer a kitchen fitting service. We suggest that you make use of IKEA’s kitchen installation service. The fitting teams that IKEA use will have a very good understanding of the METOD system and how it should be installed.


The IKEA fitting team will make a Pre Installation Visit where they will go through your design and order to make sure everything you require is included. At this point we suggest that you discuss with them the installation of Husk fronts rather than the standard IKEA parts. You can always put your fitting team in contact with us if they would like any further information.

As we make all of our fronts to order we have a lead time of 6-8 weeks from order.

We deliver within the UK and throughout Europe. For European deliveries please contact us for a quote.

At Husk we are committed to providing great service, and most importantly we want to make sure your Husk fronts arrive in perfect condition. If however you notice any flaws with your new fronts please contact us within 5 days of delivery and we will be happy to help resolve any issues.

Because we manufacture our products specifically for each order we are not able to accept returns.

On receipt of your order please check carefully for any damage. If there is any damage please document it with photographs and email them to enquire@madebyhusk.com. Any damage must also be noted on the driver’s shipping note. We will do our best to set things right as soon as possible.

Husk is not affiliated in any way with IKEA, nor do we claim any association or collaboration with IKEA.

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